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Are you up for a challenge? August Pinterest Growth Challenge

April Pinterest Growth Challenge

Pinterest Growth Challenge for April We're back with another Pinterest Growth Challenge and we have three important strategies to help increase your Pinterest traffic.  And, I promise - these strategies will definitely help grow your Pinterest account and increase pageviews. Create New Evergreen Boards Look at all your Pinterest boards and make sure you have a minimum of 25 evergreen boards that fit your pins and niche.  This will give you more boards to pin your images to.  If you already have 25...

tips to help pins go viral

Tips to Help Your Pins Go Viral on Pinterest

Wouldn't it be awesome if every pin we shared on Pinterest immediately went viral?  We we can dream, right?! Well, today we're sharing a few tips to help pins gain traction on Pinterest.  This isn't a guarantee but I promise these 5 steps will definitely help your pins receive more pins and clicks. Make Your Pins Go Viral Create Images People Want to Pin First, create pinworthy images.  This is obviously the most important step because Pinterest is a visual search engine.  If you...